Explainer voice over : African English Female voice

for instructional videos and online courses

Explainer voice over - African accent

What is an Explainer Voice over?

Explainer videos explain something in animation or video, with a chatty, smart, informative, and entertaining voiceover. A clear and captivating voiceover can help the viewer understand and remember any type of content, such as product demonstrations, instructional videos, and educational materials.

Customers, students, and even employees can learn more about a subject through e-learning narrations and explainers. Think about the abundance of online learning resources available, such as Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy. The time, effort, and financial resources devoted to creating content for these platforms alone are enormous. Furthermore, a plethora of complimentary explainer  resources may be found on websites like YouTube.

Choosing the Right Voice for Your Narration

Finding the ideal voice for your explainer video is critical to ensuring maximum audience engagement and comprehension. Binja’s youthful and authentic voice, combined with her proficiency in African English, South African, and East African accents, makes her the ideal choice for your project. Let’s work together to clarify your message and captivate your audience.

Instead, when you hire a professional narrator, you avoid these issues. Voice actors often have their own professional home studios that are acoustically treated to ensure everything sounds great. Furthermore, we have thousands of dollars worth of audio equipment at our disposal which is likely going to sound WAY better than your laptop microphone or iPhone mic. Resist the urge to go DIY with this endeavor, and enlist the services of a professional voice actor. You’ll thank yourself later.

Need an African Accent for Your Narration?

Binja Awezae has voiced projects for over 500 companies, as well as mom-and-pop shops. She has years of professional recording experience and is ready to narrate your upcoming projects with African English, South African, or East African accents. Listen to her narration samples today, or reach out directly for a custom audition sample and quote.

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Binja is a female voice over artist with a neutral, South African accent. A female voice actor for Commercial, Narration, eLearning, Corporate Video Voiceover, Radio and TV Commercials, Explainer Video Voice Over, Virtual Reality, Business Videos, Phone Prompts, East Africa Video Voiceover, Kenyan Voiceover, West African female voiceover, African kids Voiceover, Promo Voice. Binja’s voice acting helps producers, videographers and creative agencies turn a script into a work of art.

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